Privacy Policy

Propane 101 (propane101.com) does not utilize cookies, web beacons or tracking code to track its visitors after leaving this site. We do not collect personally identifiable data about our visitors that is sold or shared with any third parties. In fact, we hope you will gain additional understanding after visiting and not worry about leaving anything behind. This site is concerned about propane safety, about your personal safety and about the safety of the general public. This is not to be construed as permission to copy content found within Propane101.com.

The only way that your e-mail and/or name might be shared with a third party is if you contact the Propane 101 webmaster with a question. In that case, your original e-mail may be forwarded to a propane dealer, supplier or service technician that is located in your geographic area so that you can be helped or aided by a local professional that is familiar with your state and local codes. This site and/or its owner has no interest in learning personal information about any of its visitors through e-mail or any other medium. We care about and focus on propane safety...nothing more.

Also see the page about how to Link to Propane 101 for linking information.