Propane Gas Appliances

Propane gas appliances

Propane gas appliances have become increasingly popular and often replace electric appliances. All appliance service should be performed by licensed gas appliance technicians or professional propane service personnel. When dealing with LP Gas appliances, or any appliance, the single most important thing to do is read all manufacturer instructions and requirements accompanying the appliance. Failure to heed LP Gas appliance warnings and instructions can lead to property damage, fire or bodily injury.

Propane Appliance Installation

Propane gas appliances available today can be purchased through department stores, hardware stores and on the internet and in many cases, can be installed by homeowners. However, failing to adhere to manufacturers installation requirements can lead to extremely hazardous circumstances such as fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. It is imperative that your propane company be aware of any appliance you install or replace. In many cases, propane companies will send a service technician to install your appliance for you but if you perform the installation yourself, inform your propane company of the appliance installation. You and your family will be protected and any necessary changes in the propane system can be addressed by a licensed propane technician to ensure trouble free operation of the new appliance. Additionally and most importantly, gas appliances must be installed to properly work in unison with appliance service connections and flue gas ventilation systems.

Buying LP Gas Appliances

Tremendous availability of gas appliances in today's marketplace allows consumers to easily choose and buy their own gas heaters, water heaters and other propane powered appliances. Caution should be exercised when shopping for these appliances because the application for which the appliance is intended should be matched accordingly. For instance, a vented LP Gas space heater can't replace an unvented heater unless ventilation has been properly installed.

Consumers interested in buying used gas appliances should be aware that connecting a natural gas appliance to a propane gas system can result in fire or property damage. Prior to placing an appliance purchased as "used", the user should first should contact the appliance manufacturer or their propane provider. Failure to consult a licensed propane professional or gas appliance technician before installing a used gas appliance can place your family in danger. This includes but is not limited to water heaters, space heaters, gas dryers, gas ranges or portable heating equipment. All used gas appliances should be inspected and tested prior to use.

Propane Appliance Service, Repair and Maintenance

All repairs and maintenance of propane gas appliances should be performed by licensed professionals. Certain minor repairs can be undertaken by the end user but attempting to open appliances or modify gas appliance operation can severely damage the inner workings of the appliance or cause (you guessed it) property damage, fire or bodily injury. There are times when an appliance technician will state that the propane company needs to address the problem but the primary focus of the propane company is to ensure that the gas supply to the appliance inlet is at the proper flow rate and the pressure is optimal as required by the appliance manufacturers instructions. In a situation such as this, have the appliance technician speak directly with the propane company service department. Together, they can troubleshoot problems and arrive at the best solution based on their respective areas of expertise.