Propane Gas Heaters

Heating is the most popular and recognized use of propane gas. Residential and commercial heaters using propane consist of both central heating furnaces and space heaters, also called room heaters. The requirements for heater installation and usage are for the safety and well being of consumers as well as comfort. As propane is used in heating appliances, care must be taken to ensure consumer and family safety is a priority above all else including comfort. Incorrect use of heating appliances can result in fire, damage and bodily harm. Even the most carefully laid out and legally installed propane gas system is useless if heaters are improperly placed, adjusted or used.

Propane powered space heater

Propane Space Heaters

Space heaters are very common in propane heating applications and also referred to as room heaters or wall heaters. Space heaters are available in vented and unvented models with installation and placement requirements for each. Propane space heaters are designed to heat an area or room and should be properly sized to meet the heating requirements of a specific room or space. Space heaters can be dangerous if they are not installed according to manufacturers specifications or if they are used in an unintended application.

Propane gas furnace running with blue flames

Propane Furnaces

Propane powered central furnaces used in residential and commercial applications are all subject to venting requirements. LP gas furnaces range in size and capacity to handle larger scale heating requirements such as whole house heating. Furnaces should be sized and installed by licensed HVAC technicians. Service and repairs should also be performed by licensed professionals because of the extreme danger that can result from either fire or Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Propane patio heater

Outdoor Propane Heaters

Propane heaters used outdoors are portable and growing in popularity. These portable heat sources provide comfort in frigid outdoor settings and are one of the most widely used heating appliances for temporary outdoor heat. They are not for indoor use and provide outdoor heat through radiant infrared heaters, forced air heaters and convection heaters. Outdoor propane heaters are commonly fueled by LP Gas cylinders which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor temporary heating.