Propane Emergencies - Weather and Natural Disasters

An emergency in the propane industry is all relative to what is actually occurring or forecast to occur. The same holds true for propane consumers and is dependent upon any number of circumstances. Emergencies listed and discussed here are more along the lines of natural disasters and severe weather situations. It is crucial to understand that every propane emergency is different and the smartest way to handle an emergency is through good judgment and obeying instructions set out by emergency response authorities and local officials.

Propane and Wildfires

Propane and fire do not mix well where wildfires are concerned. Wildfires can rapidly spread across open country when winds are high. These fires are not an emergency that can be contained by homeowners. There are however precautions that can be taken to mitigate damage and/or avoid disastrous aftermath altogether. Propane users need to be prepared during times when outdoor conditions are conducive to wildfires and wild land fire emergencies.

Propane, Floods and High Water

Flooding associated with rains or rising rivers can cause propane tanks to float or even be washed away. This type of propane emergency is manageable in many cases and can be mitigated through advance preparation. Outdoor propane systems such as underground piping and fittings will generally be able to withstand moisture associated with flooding but propane tanks (especially above ground tanks) will need some extra attention in advance of a flood.

Propane, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Severe Storms

Severe weather can disrupt power to homes and businesses but propane appliances can continue to operate despite these power outages. Severe weather such as a hurricanes and tornadoes can render LP Gas systems useless if necessary preparations haven't been taken. Additionally, propane tanks and structures can be damaged further if precautions aren't taken in certain cases, such as emergency evacuations.