Propane Vs. Other Energy Sources

Propane compared to other fuel sources encompasses much more than price alone. In today's world, the push for green energy is fast becoming the standard consumers use when comparing one fuel versus another. As propane compares to other fuels, its characteristics qualify it as an environmentally friendly fuel. But the factors outlined here should help fuel consumers better understand the differences of propane vs. other energy sources. An extremely important fact to understand is that to properly compare propane to other fuels and energy sources, the energy values of individual fuels must be compared. Comparing specific fuel volumes (like gallons to gallons) will not produce reliable results. The energy content of the fuels must be compared when understanding propane vs. any other energy source.

Propane Vs. Other Fuels - True Cost Comparisons

Before trying to understand and analyze the cost difference between propane and other fuels, it's vital to know that the true comparison of propane vs any other fuel is centered around the result of what is paid for, not what is paid for on the front end. In other words, how does $100 worth of propane compare to $100 worth of another fuel, such as electricity, natural gas or oil. The cost of what you want to get is different than what volume you have to buy. And because there are so many conversion factors to try and understand, know that our explanations of propane cost comparisons will examine what consumers expect as a result of their propane energy purchase, dollar for dollar.

Propane Vs. Electricity

Comparing propane to electricity is the most common of fuel comparison subjects. Propane vs. electricity is mostly discussed in the residential construction market due to limited rural energy choices for home owners and homebuilders. The important differences when comparing these fuels is to know how each fuel is produced, measured and delivered. Electricity might not be exactly what you thought it would be.

Propane Vs. Natural Gas

In reality, the propane - natural gas examination is difficult to accurately depict in many forms of comparison because much of the propane made in the U.S. comes from the natural gas stream. Also, many laws prevent the use of propane when a home or structure is within a certain distance of a natural gas pipeline. Therefore, homeowners need to check with local authorities when investigating the use of propane. In comparing propane and natural gas, the biggest difference is pressure. Propane is a much higher pressure gas than that of natural gas.