Consumer Propane Cylinder Parts

Consumer propane cylinder parts are much simpler in design than industrial use propane cylinders. While industrial LP Gas cylinders generally have six independent connections for service, safety and filling, consumer propane cylinders are uniform in their design and simpler for residential users to operate. Consumer propane cylinder parts are much simpler and usually cheaper to replace and/or repair.

Consumer propane cylinder neck ring

The Consumer Propane Cylinder

Propane cylinders are constructed of steel and sometimes aluminum. The bottle manufacturer stamps all required information on the collar or exterior of the cylinder indicating data similar to a propane tank manufacturers nameplate. The steel collar protects the valve(s) and connections and is required to be intact for the cylinder to be refilled. The base of the bottle or cylinder must be fitted with a foot ring that keeps the container upright, level and also keeps the base of the bottle from being in contact with the ground.

Cylinder valve assembly for consumer propane bottle

Cylinder Valve Parts

The valves on consumer propane cylinders are not solely service valves. They incorporate all the required safety components as well as being the point at which the cylinder is refilled. These components are integrated within the valve itself and consist of fixed liquid level gauge, service valve (handwheel), fill valve and relief valve. Consumer propane bottles are generally found with one threaded opening designed for placement of the cylinder valve.

Consumer Cylinder Valve Detail

The picture below illustrates the complexity and compact design of a propane cylinder valve. These valves are generally not repaired. They are replaced if they malfunction or become inoperable.

Detailed cylinder valve assembly

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