Propane Forklift Cylinder Mounting

Properly mounted forklift cylinder on the back of a lift truck

Installing a Forklift Bottle

Propane powered forklifts use liquid propane and proper installation of a propane forklift cylinder is essential for the uninterrupted operation of the lift truck. LPG forklift bottles that are not mounted correctly will cause the engine to stop functioning, giving the impression that the cylinder is empty when in fact it may be more than half full. Following correct mounting, the hose end fitting is connected to the cylinder service valve. See detailed information about forklift cylinder valves to ensure the propane service connection is free of leaks and will operate properly.

Propane forklift cylinder mounted correctly on the back of a forklift

Correct Forklift LPG Cylinder Mounting

Positioning the cylinder properly (pictured left) is essential for the propane in the bottle to be used completely. Similar to that of a battery, you want to make sure all available energy has been used before replacing it. Properly mounting the cylinder ensures that the liquid can be withdrawn through the service valve by way of the liquid service diptube. The propane liquid diptube in a forklift cylinder operates in the same manner as a liquid withdrawal valve. The cylinder service diptube communicates with the liquid space of the cylinder when installed vertically or mounted horizontally in the correct position. Forklift cylinder neck rings (collars) have orientation holes to position the cylinder properly on the bracket orientation pins. Correctly mounting the cylinder in its proper position will allow continuous operation of the forklift and use of all propane in the cylinder. Properly mounted forklift cylinder picture

Incorrectly mounted propane forklift cylinder

Incorrect Forklift LPG Cylinder Mounting

Forklifts with improperly mounted cylinders will generally stop operating before the bottle is empty. Without correct alignment of the cylinder and bracket orientation pin, the liquid level will fall below the service diptube and propane liquid will no longer be withdrawn from the cylinder, shutting down the forklift engine. The forklift will run once the cylinder has properly been repositioned, allowing liquid propane to flow through the service diptube. Remember that forklifts run on propane liquid, not on vapor. Incorrect mounting of a forklift cylinder on a lift truck will cause the lift to stop running before the bottle has run out of gas. If the cylinder is returned with gas in it to the supplier, the lift owner or operator loses money. Incorrectly mounted forklift cylinder picture